COVID-19 Policy: Mask up or I’ll pass you up.

Updated 7/1/20

There are plenty of irresponsible handymen willing to go places and do things I won’t in these uncertain times. If you don’t want to wear a mask or keep socially distant, I don’t want your business. There’s plenty of work that can be done responsibly. In general, indoor tasks are a no-go. Landscaping is generally in the clear but I’ll go around and not through the house. Outdoor painting is good. So is solar panel cleaning. I’ve got a mobile mechanic station in my van where I can work on anything from a bike to a laptop to a car. But I can’t know if I’m a/presymptomatic, nor can you. I will take reasonable precautions to mitigate the chances of spreading the virus and I expect my clients to do the same.

You can reach me a few ways, take your pick:

I’ll always get back to you as soon as I can but I don’t talk on the phone while driving and I don’t waste time on telemarketers so if your number isn’t saved, I probably won’t answer it – please leave a message. Overall, I prefer email/text communication over voice unless we can talk face to face, things tend to get lost over the phone and I like having documentation of topics, requests, specifications, etc.

I have access to various social media and chat platforms but I fundamentally disagree with how most of them do business. I prefer direct communication when possible. Text me. Email me. Call me. If I need to jump on to something else; I can make that happen too.