Getting down in the trenches

The water main to a house in Phoenix burst the day after Thanksgiving. I dug an exploratory hole to find the source of the leak. The homeowner was sure there was a PVC line coming from the house. We were hoping it could be patched. The PVC didn’t go all the way to the street and the extant galvanized pipe was badly corroded. A fresh line needed to be run from the city water main to the house. I dug a 30′ trench, 16″ deep at a rate substantially below what the plumber was about to charge. I prefer not to work on in-wall or in-ground plumbing but I’ll happy dig and diagnose, at least happier than a plumber would be anyway. I saved the homeowner a bundle of money when the plumber came to run a new main to the house and the plumber was happy not to have to ditch a trench even if it would have been profitable.

Weed control & yard maintenance

Rain means weeds and this year was pretty wet by desert standards. Whether you need advice on how to achieve a look or stay within a budget, someone to bushwack, or someone to maintain; I’ve got the tools and skills necessary to get your weeds, plants, and trees under control. I prefer not to use pesticides or herbicides when it can be avoided. Even spraying has to be done regularly. You can spray less often than manually weeding, wacking, or using a hula-ho but with all the immediate and mid-to-long term heath risks, I’m of the opinion that regular maintenance is a better and safer way to go when looking at the bigger picture. Kids and pets have a habit of getting into things they probably shouldn’t and

Most of the weeds I manually pull from the ground come with large root sections. They’re not growing back with any sort of vengeance and maintaining the area going forward will require much less work as long as it is kept on schedule.